Economic, Society and Environment


Sustainable business consultant

Crezign is the sustainable consultant, cooperating the professional team to create and develop the sustainable value of project and product. We look for any sustainable opportunities can build TBL, which are economic, society and environment.


Business Partner

Steven Zheng

Financial Partner

Wei Liao

Business Lawyer

Stephanie Smith

Business Partner

Alex Chuang

Developing Partner

Veronica Yun

Marketing Partner

Avril Chuang

Internal Control Partner

Crezlab Team Members

(Sustainable Design Studio)

Professional LEADER

Michael Sammet

Sustainable Design Leader

Stephanie Smith

IAD Leader

Alex Chuang

LEED AP+/ Sustainable Specialist

Professional consultant

YuanYuan Chuang

IAD Designer & Arch. Architect

Theresa Hsu

IAD Professional Designer

Helen Ye Plehn

IAD Professional Designer

Joyce Chiou

IAD Professional Designer 

Lilian Wu

Architectural Professional Designer

Dahyun Lee

IAD Professional Designer


Professional designer

James. Charlie Chan

Architectural Designer

Judy Yang

Architectural Designer

Mingchan Chang

Architectural Designer

Lhichi Yang

Architectural Designer

Joyce Chang

IAD Designer

Jelly Chu

IAD Designer

Sherry Wang

IAD Designer


Sherry Du

Web Designer

Sherry Wang

Product Designer

Vicky Guo

Web Designer

Open Positions

 Web UI Design Intern

The UI Design Intern will work closely with Producers, Product Managers, and

Engineers to help design, mock and implement feature UI and UX flows.



 ∗ Work closely with Producers and PM’s to create simple creative solutions

    to complicated design needs

 ∗ Mock up and prototype features according to spec

 ∗ Provide variety of solutions to design needs

 ∗ Work closely with UX architect and engineers to implement features UI


 ∗ Deliver exciting, effective, memorable, polished UI

 ∗ Implement motion and interaction design

 ∗ Clearly communicate experienced design rationale; have impeccable


 ∗ Rapidly iterate and test a variety of ideas using wireframes, sketches and

    fully designed comps when needed

 ∗ Partner with engineers to collaborate and iterate in fast-paced

    design-to-build cycles and ensure your designs are implemented to


 ∗ Stay ahead of the curve in technological advances and UI practices

 ∗ Make use of this knowledge in the development of the best possible user


 ∗ Ability to rapidly switch pace depending on projects needs

UI Design Intern

What we look for:

∗  UI experience

∗  Excellent graphic design skills

∗  Understanding of web and interactive design fundamentals

∗  Ability to create art assets matching existing art styles

∗  Ability to provide creative yet simple solution to complicated design

∗  Portfolio must have strong UI skills, and graphic design skills

∗  Strong wireframe and prototyping skills


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